1. Soooo

    The angel of death showed up to my grandmother’s hospital room last night, and he was apparently scary as fuck because she didn’t sleep all night.

    That’s the tl;dr version.

    At some point in the early night, in the room across the hall from my grandmother’s, someone screams. Code blue is being alerted and nurses are running down the halls into the room.

    My grandmother is asking what is going on, but she’s looking at the wall weird.

    About 10 minutes later, my grandmother says, “Where did that man go?”

    Well, uh, there hasn’t been a man in the room all day.

    "Uh, I guess, he went across the hall." My mom says, because, well, fuck.

    "Oh, good, because he was really scary, I won’t be able to sleep tonight." My dying grandmother says.

    And then she looked terrible and didn’t sleep all night.

    So, uh, Angel of Death gives a shout out to the dying on his way to take someone else.

    That’s, uh, real polite, if he wasn’t so fucking scary.

  2. No take backs,

    What doesn’t kill you gives you XP.

    — (via quirkygrl22)

  3. No take backs,

    …My one true love remains myself.

    — Cassandra Clare, City of Bones (via wordsnquotes)